Amanda Navaian

Bags Of Philanthropy
Amanda Navaian

Fans of Amanda Navaian’s range of vibrant snakeskin bags (and soon to be unveiled clothing range) can now indulge for a good cause.

Working with the equally philanthropic Yasemin Saib and Nejla Al-Midfa, Swedish-Iranian entrepreneur Navaian is using proceeds from her handbag collection to create and support Live It Up, a charity that provides a haven for abandoned children in Uganda. The charity’s first home opened its doors in January 2012.

Super-smart Navaian and her team have ensured their new project incorporates an element of self-sufficiency. She is currently working on a business plan for a chicken farm, which will provide both income and food. The aim is for the project to eventually support itself, with its success leading to the concept mushrooming internationally.

Amanda is already known by the style cognoscenti thanks to her range being stocked in Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2011, she participated in three major trade shows: at the Saatchi Gallery and two Parisian Premiere Classe exhibitions. Touchingly, every bag she designs is named after the lady who inspired it.

2012 will see Amanda flying to Uganda every six weeks, ensuring donations raised are being spent wisely on the children she’s taken responsibility for.