Amanda Bynes Suffers Another Driving Mishap!

Texting while driving got Amanda Bynes into trouble this time around
Saturday , 14 April 2012
Amanda Bynes Suffers Another Driving Mishap!
Amanda should really think about taking taxis!

It is definitely time for Amanda Bynes to start taking taxis. The actress, who was just arrested on 6 April for clipping the back of a police patrol car while driving under the influence, had another driving mishap!

On 12 April, she was heading to T’Town hot spot Greystone Manor Supperclub when she jumped the curb with her black BMW. The worst part of the equation? Amanda was texting while driving, which is illegal in California when a vehicle is in motion. Stars like Justin Bieber have participated in campaigns across the US encouraging teens not to text and drive. Looks like Amanda needs a little lesson from a more responsible star!

Considering the Hairspray actress was just released on bail, we think Amanda should kiss her BMW goodbye for a little while and save her reputation.

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