Amanda Bynes Released on Bail after DUI Arrest

08 Apr 2012

Three days after turning 26, Amanda Bynes gets busted

Her good girl image is fast becoming a thing of the past Amanda
Bynes was arrested on 6 April in West Hollywood for driving under the influence

The Hairspray star was caught early on Friday after
clipping the back of a police patrol car while driving through West Hollywood,
three days after celebrating her 26th birthday. According to a police statement
issued to, there was "minor paint transfer damage to both

She was released later in the day on $5,000 bail after spending
several hours in custody.

It's the second time the actress has faced legal trouble in just four weeks -
she hit the headlines on 12 March last month after allegedly fleeing the scene
of a crime when she was pulled over for talking on her cell phone while driving
in Los Angeles. Definitely time to clean up your act, Amanda!