Amanda Bynes is Looking For Love

The actress is looking to get back onto the dating scene
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 23 March 2016
Amanda Bynes is Looking For Love
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The star avoids being in the public eye

Amanda Bynes was one of television's sweethearts back in the early 200s, but the 29-year-old actress hasn't had the easiest few years. She has hit headlines over the past couple of years due to her erratic behaviour, including a hospital stay during which she was on an involuntary psychiatric hold, as well as an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs.

While we still have no idea what triggered her meltdown, it seems as though she's bouncing back and is now ready for one of life's greatest gifts, love!

While the actress remains under the conservatorship of her mother Lynn, her recovery is apparently 'going great' and Amanda now believes she is ready to find herself a man. However, she won't be rushing into the dating scene, and has decided to take things slow, as her past relationships with stars such as Doug Reinhardt and Kid Cudi didn't exactly end on the highest notes.

“It’s still one step at a time for Amanda in many and she’s been extremely hesitant about dating because she’s had such heartbreak in the past,” a source told America's OK! magazine.

"But she's now reached the point where she finally feels secure in herself and her friendships."

She's the Man star Amanda is also said to have told friends that finding someone to start a relationship with will mark the final stage in her recovery process.

"Getting back onto the dating scene without any dramas would spell the full turnaround in her road to mental recovery,” the insider added. Despite her positive outlook on life, her close friends and family are reportedly nervous that a romance could have more of a negative effect on Amanda.

"Amanda’s problem has always been moderation and managing her expectations - she’s an all or nothing type of character with no filter, which is what got her in such trouble in the first place," the source added.

Formerly a prolific Twitter user, Amanda now posts messages on the social networking site infrequently. She is believed to be concentrating on studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's Los Angeles campus.

We don't think love is a bad thing! Let's hope Amanda finds the man of her dreams sooner rather than later.

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