Alona Ballard

The salon owner making people beautiful inside and out
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 05 March 2014
Alona Ballard
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Ten years from now... I hope with age will come wisdom and I will use that to choose wisely what I make a priority in life

When Alona arrived in Abu Dhabi from her native Cincinnati, Ohio back in 2010, it was originally to teach English. However, over the following three years she witnessed young expat professionals who were steadily budding into entrepreneurs and she was inspired to follow suit. The result is her own business endeavour, the Honey Child Salon & Spa, which opened its doors in June of last year. Beginning with virtually no budget, Alona went ahead anyway, partnering with a fellow American and an Emirati to open her salon. 

With its motto being “Not Just A Salon, A Revolution”, Alona set about creating something additional to the traditional, aesthetic focus on beauty by using charitable acts to encourage a feel-good factor in her clients. With a heavy emphasis on social responsibility, the salon has taken part in several fundraisers, including the offer of a 20 per cent discount to patrons for bringing a bag of evaporated milk to help impoverished children in Bangladesh, while locally, they have distributed food to those less fortunate throughout the city.