A staggering 70% of students use social media for more than FIVE HOURS PER DAY

And maybe they're not the only ones
ByShehla MominSunday , 04 August 2019
A staggering 70% of students use social media for more than FIVE HOURS PER DAY
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We know that it’s the age of social media and technology and we can’t completely shut ourselves out from it but it might be time to try. 

According to a study conducted by a team of students from Canadian University Dubai, a whopping 69.7% students in the Emirates are active on social media for five or more hours a day.

Which means 7 in 10 students are spending more than 20% of their student life on social media. This study was done to look into the impact of social media on the youth of the region while addressing the question: “Prevalence of mental health disorders in the youth: To what extent is social media to blame?”

The study also revealed that almost all social media users surveyed had been cyber-bullied at least once and that 56% of users attempted quitting social media in the past year but failed to do so.

Gaia Cianci, a second year Public Relations student who compiled the final project report said: “Spending long hours on social media made me realise that it is essential to understand its positive and negative effects on mental health … Through the research, I concluded that social media can be a factor in mental health disorders; therefore, it is important to control its usage and not to rely on social networks to share every aspect of our lives.”

Addressing the other side of this debate, a third year student Fatma Ali said: “In my own experience, I consider social media to be essential; I rely on it not only for entertainment but also for career-related functions. However, the research and the debate were an eye-opener to me. Nevertheless, personally, I am fully aware of the possible negative impact social media might have on mental health, and with that awareness, comes guarding myself against that impact… Research gains more value when conducted over long periods of time, and social media has not matured enough to directly link it to mental health disorders”

Several students said that to them, social media is a mixture of positives and negatives.

It's definitely time to switch off for a bit eh? 

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