All's Well at the Oasis Wellness Festival

Free yoga sessions, cooking classes, tops tips on fitness and lots more - we're in!
Wednesday , 15 February 2012
All's Well at the Oasis Wellness Festival

If you’ve been desperately seeking some de-stressing, there’s a whole lot of options to try out at the Oasis Wellness Festival, on from 15 February to 29 February. From tips on yoga and Ayurveda to Zumba and Pilates sessions, you’ll find it here. And it’s all free!    

You can learn about how yoga helps manage diabetes, catch an hour of Body Combat, pick up Emotional Freedom Techniques, and get in on demos on healthy food. There’ll also be special sessions for couple’s wellness hosted on 18 and 25 February. Don’t miss yoga expert Yogi George’s tips, and also check out the interactive baking classes for couples that will make bonding yummy!

INFO: Entry free, 04 384 7011 (10am to 6pm) to reserve seats for wellness specials, Oasis Wellness Festival, 15 February to 29 February, Oasis Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road,  

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