All The Things We're Saying Goodbye To In 2019

All The Things We're Saying Goodbye To In 2019

31 Dec 2019

I'm way too good at goodbyes...

What a year 2019 has been! Honestly, I'm ready to be catapaulted into 2020 (like there's a gift waiting for me) 2019 had some great moments and some, not so good. We cried, laughed, fell in love (good for you *rolls eyes*) and we definitely learnt some valuable lessons along the way, but like the saying goes, every good things must come to an end...we have rounded up some of our favourite shows, feuds and locations that didn't make the cut in 2020. We'll miss some and quite frankly, it's high time some of them never returned.

disclaimer: this list might be emosh for some people.

1. Instagram likes


I'm torn about this change; of course I want social media to be safer place for teenagers and young adults, but (I'm sure that I'm not the only one that feels this way), my narcissistic side keeps thinking about “social relevance”. The final result, come 2020, is that users will no longer see the amount of likes that each photo has, though it is worth noting that, while others won't be able to, you will still be able to see who has liked your own posts, just by name rather than number.

2. Game of Thrones


I'll def miss GOT, but they aannoyed me with the final episode, so Bran can enjoy his reign in peace, being stuck in 2019. Bye Felix (cia)!

3. Tribeca DXB

This one hurt differently, I heard great reviews about this resturant and we were all shook when we heard that Tribeca has closed its doors during summer. It was a New Yorker's home away from home. Hopefully, this is temporary. *fingers crossed*

4. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Feud


Katy explained that their path to reconciliation began when she sent the singer “ and a note apologising for my part in all of it” in 2018 as Swift embarked on her Reputation stadium tour. Good for them.

5. How To Get Away With Murder


Shonda Rhimes keeps breaking my heart, but it was getting to the point that they almost killed off every character on the show. HTGAWM ran its course and it's time to say goodbye.

6. Victoria's Secret Show


Fisrt of all, I was never a fan, there was an unrealistic expectation and portrayal of what women should like like. Imagine how boring the world would have been if we all looked the same... Anyhoo, the executive vice president of L Brands basically said that there was no "specific material impact in terms of a short-term sales response to the airing of the fashion show." 

7. Veep


Our fav TV president is never coming back, her political journey came to an end after the seventh season this year and we will definitely miss her sarcasm. The show was cancelled in May and I wasn't ready to let it go.

8. House Party Bar

Laid out to resemble a frat house party, guests would drink out of plastic red cups, play games in the kitchen, or jump in a ball pit in the play room. Unfortunately, this location only lasted nine months.

9. Google+

Unfortunately, it saw low engagement and ad sales. In April, Google shut down its latest social media experiment, Google+.

10. Plastic Straws (This is a collective effort)


Saved the best for last. If you're still, wait, let me rephrase... If you aren't trying to make the earth safer by reducing your use of plastic straws, kindly step aside. Sure we like drinking from straws that are flexible as the girl next door, but it's time to fall inlove with stainless steel straw and/or bamboo staw. You don't have to do a grand thing to show that you're living sustainably, simply reducing your use of plastic straw is already doing something. Less really is more. BTW, I need to start taking my own advice.