Alistair Reynette-James

04 Mar 2013

The ‘Ice Man’

Here for just over a year, this artist has carved himself a reputation as Dubai’s ‘Ice Man’, having built – among other masterpieces – the UAE’s largest ice bar.

Which are the most memorable sculptures you created in 2012?
Apart from the 8m ice bar at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – the biggest ever built in this region – my most memorable assignment was to construct a 2.5m ice wall for Foster’s. I had to put 500 prizes inside it so that the public could rub away the ice and win the prizes. Particularly challenging was an ice bar for an afterparty for Madonna’s concert that I had to build in 45° heat on the beach!

How did you become the ‘Ice Man’?
I was sick of being the ‘nice man’! It all started in Koh Samui, Thailand, where a friend and I got together to build an ice bar in which you drink cocktails in -7° dressed in Russian furs. The ice industry is small so I was soon found by Icebox UK and brought the concept to the UAE – a place where there are so many launches, events and parties that appreciate ice artwork.

Don’t your fingers get cold?
All the time – especially when I forget my gloves!

When you aren’t working with ice, what are you doing?
Working with light. I co-own a company that provides LED video walls and floors (you can see them on the UK version of The X Factor).

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