Alicia Keys is coming to Dubai but not just to sing

Alicia Keys is coming to Dubai but not just to sing

07 Aug 2019

Coca Cola Arena is hosting a one-day seminar featuring Tony Robbins and now it's confirmed that Alicia Keys will be taking to the stage at the same event. 

Tony Robbins is considered to be the world’s leading life and business strategists. He’s a world-renowned philanthropist and is a best-selling author whose seminar ‘Achieving the Unimaginable’ is made to help people explore their potential and pursue their desired quality of life. During the seminar, Robbins will be sharing his insights that won him recognition as Accenture’s ‘Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World’ and a spot among American Express’ ‘Top Six Business Leaders in the World’.

Joining him will be Alicia Keys - songwriter/musician/producer, an accomplished actress, a New York Times best-selling author, a film/television and Broadway producer an entrepreneur and a powerful force in the world of activism. Keys will be lending her voice to inspire, empower and motivate people to be their authentic selves.

Along with the duo, Prince EA, film maker, poet, and activist who currently has the number one podcast of Facebook, is also a part of the line-up.

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