Alice, Nadine & Farah Abdel Aziz

The trio that's changing the face of reality TV in the region
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Alice, Nadine & Farah Abdel Aziz
Alice, Nadine & Farah Abdel Aziz
• Our biggest achievement in the past year would definitely have to be our reality TV series The Sisters. We’ve enjoyed every moment of it, especially as it was the first TV show of its kind in the region.
• We believe that sisterhood and the power of three has played a major role in our success. We share a very strong bond, we are sisters, best friends and nothing can break us apart. Whatever we do, we do it because we love it and are driven by it, regardless of the fame that comes with it.
• Between photo shoots, filming our reality series, handling our business and running to meetings, our work schedule is usually somewhat hectic.
• In our spare time, we like catching up with friends, pampering ourselves and visiting family in Romania, where our mother is from.
• The UAE has so many attractions – the structure of this country is so inviting to live in, and mingling with people from all nationalities and backgrounds is a diverse learning experience that we truly enjoy. 
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