Ali Mostafa

The award-winning film director was the toast of this year’s DIFF
Tuesday , 09 February 2010
Ali Mostafa

“Dubai is like the planet Tatooine in Star Wars, where all the different aliens from around the universe come to gather and live harmoniously,” is the rather unique way film director Ali F. Mostafa thinks of the city he was raised in.

This vision of a metropolis filled with different ethnicities, cultures and classes forms the basis of his latest blockbuster, City of Life that was the hit of DIFF and is currently garnering international acclaim for its portrayal of life in Dubai. The tagline of his cinematic hit follows the parallel lives of three characters whose worlds collide “in a city where ambition, growth and opportunity are encouraged and dreams can still manifest,” which echoes Ali’s own views of his hometown. “I’m proud of what we have achieved in such a short time and of our leader’s inspiring vision that makes you want to get up and do something big for yourself too.” He adds, “the advantage of living in Dubai is being able to achieve greatness; the city encourages anyone to be a pioneer.”

Ali’s indulged his love for filmmaking since an early age, “it’s my passion,” he explains. “I believe in doing what you love.” Somewhat of a perfectionist, despite the rave reviews and positive responses his latest epic has reaped he still wants to revisit the cutting room floor. “I made a few regrettable decisions with the final edit, but will eventually amend it on the DVD’s director’s cut!”