Ali Al Jassmii

The Emirati adventurer putting his family centre stage
Tuesday , 04 April 2017
Ali Al Jassmii
Ali Al Jassmii
  • I’m a pilot and I love to fly – connecting with the clouds makes me feel like a bird and new. I began on social media by posting pictures taken in the sky, in order to share that amazing experience with others. I was among the first in the UAE to do so. 
  • My family are central to my life and I share pictures of what we do as a way of encouraging others in this society to feel more comfortable with expressing their feelings. Caring for my wife and children, my role of husband and father, is how I define myself as a man far more than the adrenalin-filled adventures that are a signature of my social media platforms. By sharing my exploits I believe I touch people by being real, and I’ve tried to use this connection for the betterment of our society. 

  • I also produced a video about National Service and encouraged the youth of this country to serve and protect – I try to be a role model for the young. 

  • I understood my own parents much better when I became a father myself, the desire to protect and guide your children runs deep. 

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