Alexander McQueen. Fashion legend

Alexander McQueen's final salute

10 Mar 2010

An artwork of true McQueen gilded glory

In a private, intimate setting yesterday, a select group of Editors from around the word converged in Paris to witness the last look at what was Alexander McQueen. The collection of sixteen pieces was to be the last of the work carried out by fashion designer, Lee McQueen before his death a few weeks ago. McQueen who was found dead in his London apartment was working on the Autumn/Winter collection before he took his own life.

The collection is as elaborate, wonderful and tasteful as one could have expected. He incorporated the artworks of Sandro Boticelli, Hugo van der Goes, Hans Memling, Jean Fouquet, Stephen Lochner and Hieronymus Bosch into his collection by digitally re-creating the pieces for print. He transferred the images on an array of gold, red and silver materials which formed to create McQueen cut dresses and a top and pant ensemble.

He was a brilliant designer with an impeccable appreciation for fashion with whom he shared with his clients. McQueen will be missed.

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