Alexa Chung Has Spilled All Of Her Health And Fitness Secrets

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ByFarah AndrewsThursday , 12 April 2018
Alexa Chung Has Spilled All Of Her Health And Fitness Secrets
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Alexa Chung swears ballet classes are the best way to stay in shape. 

Over the years, the British TV host and designer has become known for her brunette crop, lithe physique and ability to pull off just about any fashion trend. 

While Alexa's busy lifestyle helps to keep her fit, she has now shared that she tries her best to avoid the gym, and instead prefers to attend Ballet Beautiful classes held by dancer Mary Helen Bowers.

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"I’m not a gym bunny by any means. I don’t particularly like athleisure. I’m all about health, but I’d rather not move around for it. That’s not how it works unfortunately, but I found out about Ballet Beautiful in glossy magazine pages," she told New York Magazine's The Strategist. “It’s a barre class, and you put on a leotard you feel chic, and you get something done but you don’t come out feeling splotchy and gross when you’re heading in to work."

Mary Helen also trains a number of other celebrities, including Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel.

When it comes to her everyday regime, Alexa also makes sure to dedicate some time to keeping her complexion in tip-top condition and is big fan of cleansing twice a day with Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser. 

"I love everything (in the Glossier range), but the one thing I come back to is the cleanser because it’s so soothing and nice on the face. I use it in the shower, although I might have to reassess that because the water from the shower head gets onto my hands before I slap the stuff on, and then half of it is gone," the 34-year-old smiled. 

Alexa also uses Sisley Paris' Ecological Compound to keep her skin hydrated, and can't get enough of Harry Josh's detangling brush, as it detangles her fine strands in "one fell swoop".

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