Alex Hirschi

Alex Hirschi

25 Nov 2019

Aussie vlogger @supercarblondie started in Dubai and has become a global phenomenon

•I am so thankful to my SB family which has grown in the last year from 6 million to over 16 million people across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I now have over two billion minutes of video time watched on my channels.

•I have called the UAE home for 11 years. I moved here straight after university and have seen it grow into the incredible city it is today. I arrived before the Burj Khalifa was built and now when I look at it, it reminds me of all the different jobs I’ve had, all the amazing friends who have come and gone and all of the happy times in this city.

•I love where we’re headed with electric cars. Once electricity is generated from sustainable sources, electric cars will make a big difference. Electric cars don’t have to be sterile and boring, some of the coolest looking and fastest cars to be released this year are actually electric, so I’m excited about that.

•In order to make significant changes, governments need to implement laws regarding better sustainable practices. Even simple things like more car pool lanes will help to reduce the number of cars on UAE roads.

•My focus is to keep on creating content every day to build my brand. I’m also looking to release another TV show. I have some amazing opportunities to collaborate with world-renowned talent. Plus, the more work I can line up, the more I can increase my contribution to animal charities around the world.