Alex Hirschi

The radio presenter bringing Emiratis and expats together
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Alex Hirschi
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Alex Hirschi
• This time last year I was selected to co-host Drive Live on Dubai Eye 103.8. The programme is prime-time from 4pm to 7pm. With my presence, I’ve made talk radio appeal to a wider group of people, and brought in a younger audience.
• A lot of attention has also been brought to the station through my work on social media, including starting a segment where I interview UAE-based celebrities. I feel this segment is lacking in the market, with many other radio shows and presenters only focusing on international stars. I’m bridging the gap between expat and Emirati culture with these fun social media interviews.
• Through my YouTube videos, more people have become aware of Dubai Eye and our show. I only started my Instagram handle two months ago and have since gained over 10,000 followers. 
• Other exciting achievements this year have been securing interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal, John Travolta and Liam Neeson.
• I’m not afraid of being afraid, if that makes sense. I’ve stepped in to situations that I know will be uncomfortable, just so I will feel comfortable in those same shoes in the future. I never rest on my achievements. The one thing I always do is make sure to learn from those who I respect in the industry, including my co-host. I study what they do, pick up tips and always keep learning. 
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