will smith as genie in aladdin

Aladdin is now Will Smith's highest grossing film

30 Jun 2019

And he is very humbled

Will Smith has been left "speechless" after learning the live action remake of Aladdin has surpassed Independence Day to become the highest-grossing movie of his career.

The superstar transformed himself into the Genie for Guy Ritchie's Disney reboot, in which he featured alongside Hollywood newcomers Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, respectively.

The film received mixed reviews upon its release a month ago, but that didn't stop people from flocking to theatres to check out the project for themselves, helping it to hit number one at the global box office in its first weekend.

Aladdin has continued to conjure up movie magic for fans, and on Thursday, Will took to Instagram to express his disbelief at its continued success as its worldwide gross hit $819.5 million


"This is a post that I'm just humbled and honoured to make right now," he said in a video message.

"Today, Aladdin just passed Independence Day as the highest grossing film of my entire career, and to be in this game as long as I've been in this game, and to have my biggest movie at this point in my career, I just wanna say thank you."

The actor, 50, went on to share his gratitude to his followers by saying "thank you" in as many languages as he could manage, including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Russian.

"Just thank you," he concluded. "Everybody around the world, thank you, thank you."

"Aladdin just became the biggest movie of my career! I'm honored and I'm Speechless. (You see what I did there?Gotta pay attention)," Will captioned the post, which included a nod to one of the songs Naomi sings in the film.

"The only thing I can say is... Thank You".

Sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day, in which Will co-starred with Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, grossed $817.4 million following its launch back in 1996.