Al Pacino

Al Pacino: The Good Father

24 Jan 2011

And Dad Of The Year goes to...

Why? Despite being in the film industry for over 43 years, Hollywood veteran Al Pacino still manages to remain grounded. So much so, that after picking up a Golden Globe for Best Actor In A TV Motion Picture (You Don’t Know Jack), the 70-year-old headed home to put his nine-year-old twins to bed.

What’s that we hear you question? ‘He doesn’t have a nanny?’ Well, we’re sure he does, but The Godfather legend prefers to tuck his little nippers into bed himself.

But Hollywood being Hollywood, rather than supporting Al’s quest to win ‘Father Of The Year’, when the actor then returned to the party to the celebrate his victory, he was turned away from the after party at The Beverly Hills Hotel! According to eyewitnesses, “Pacino’s limo was stopped by security and denied access, leaving him stranded outside the after party.” After numerous “do you know who I am?” demands the pint-sized star was eventually allowed inside where he pulled out his best dad-on-the-dance-floor moves as he celebrated with the rest of his HBO cast.