Ajay Mankani

Al Bahar, Jumeirah Beach Residence

This successful bachelor is a self-confessed art addict, and the double-height ceilings of his loft apartment provide the perfect and vast space in which to indulge his passion. “My house sometimes feels like an art gallery,” says Ajay. “Yet since I am always changing my collection and what I’m displaying, the place never feels weary. I like the fact that this means my home is organic and always evolving.”
His personal taste in art injects a real sense of individuality into his home. “It’s quirky, somewhat chic and yet earthy as well. It’s not a pretentious space,” he says. In fact, Ajay goes as far as saying that his living space is “pretty basic”.
“I live simply, ascetically, almost,” he says. “I don’t like clutter. I have very few needs. My space has a sofa or two, a couple of chairs and some art. I like to think there is a bit of a wow factor to it, but that’s subjective.”