Aishwarya Janhar and Janhar Ramakrishnan

Al Jafiliya, Dubai
Friday , 14 June 2013

It may be a one-bedroom apartment, but these two self-confessed interior design lovers admit to spending at least 40 per cent of their weekends on “creative tasks” around the house. With no fear of picking up a drill, this husband and wife team does not shy away from DIY, choosing to fix and recycle rather than throw. The result of their efforts is a cosy apartment that exudes energy and reflects their Indian heritage.

“Our bedroom is where we really show off that Indian touch. We have a beautiful four-poster bed onto which we have stitched old silk saris and curtains. I love the vibrant colours here – it makes me feel so alive,” says Aishwarya.

On the other hand, the contemporary white lounge is calming and full of natural light. Again they display their DIY skills here with an effective coffee table made of old wooden pallets that they painted white. But the show piece in here is an elegant white upright piano – a present from Janhar to Aishwarya on their first wedding anniversary.