Aisha Saeed Harib

The CSR investment specialist who initiated Foodrive to distribute supplies to over 50,000 UAE families
Wednesday , 05 April 2017
Aisha Saeed Harib
Aisha Saeed Harib
  • In the last year, I’ve volunteered in the UAE National Service and graduated as a soldier, as well as starting a social good campaign, Foodrive, that distributes food among less fortunate families in the UAE.

  • I also created Give A Bike Campaign, to help those who can’t afford other forms of transport. By giving a bike, you will change life of a worker, and so far we’ve delivered more than 1,500 bikes across the UAE. 

  • The love of my country is motivation to bring more good in the community and be a leader for a better change.

  • Leadership is not a title, it’s a behaviour, and I work hard to inspire others. I’m very blessed being an Emirati; my country’s offered me a lot, shaped my career and opened doors for me to be more productive. Without the support of my country, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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