Aiisha Ramadan Collection

Aiisha Ramadan Unveils The Power Of Powder

14 Oct 2011

Dyana Farhat interviews local designer Aiisha Ramadan on her new collection...

Born in Lebanon 1983 and resident in Dubai for more than 20 years, Aiisha's profound approach to fashion originates from an innate sense of style, fine-tuned by her years of academia at the American University where she graduated in Fashion Design in 2002.

While studying, she won several awards including the prestigious Young Designer of the Year awarded by Swarovski for her evening wear in 2000. Aiisha's passion for fashion inspired her to develop her talents as a stylist on international TV shows and last year she found herself on the 2010 Dubai Fashion Week advisory board. As we approach the 2011 Dubai Fashion Week we caught up with the designer to find out about her latest collection

What's the inspiration behind your new collection?
For my latest couture collection, I chose to focus on powder tones, texture and floral effects. I named it Le Pouvoir de la Poudre, which means the Power of Powder.

What message does this collection carry?
I want women to find their inner peace and beauty. My clothes are light enough so that women don’t carry more “life burdens”. Luxury is in the details, the linings and the colours our designs carry. My ultimate message is to enjoy life and have passion for everything in it, especially fashion.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From women, especially my clients. Each of them is a muse. A

What makes your designs different from others?
Among many things, my passion for what I do is real and is not just a stunt. Yet, I take it easy and my clients love that. They love the attention they receive from me, they love the general light weight of my clothes and above all, they love my designs. They are very simple, especially compared to most of the well known Arab designers, yet they’re really interesting and are made of the best material. We are not a funky brand, so our designs don’t expire with seasons. They carry off their beauty for years to come.

Do you worry about the competition?
It's natural, however, I don’t really relate to it. I feel that my style is very different from my fellow designers and to be honest their success makes me very proud. Because the more successful they are, the more the UAE approaches an international platform where we’ll all be recognised.

Does the fashion industry in UAE satisfy your ambitions?
No, of course not, but I don’t say that like it’s a complaint. Its just the way things are at the moment and everything takes time to get better. However, its time for the experts and those with means to step up and contribute. All the designers in the UAE could use professional guidance and what’s better than to have a council for the fashion designers in the UAE that would ensure high standards! I look forward to that.

Do you have any future projects in the pipeline?
We will be more approachable to more women around the Middle East very soon...

Where can we find your designs?
In Dubai, our Couture is exclusively sold at FROST Boutique in Palm Strip Jumeirah Beach Road. Our Kaftan selection is sold at Studio 8 on Jumeirah Beach Road. We continue to custom-make in our atelier in Sharjah and our ready-to-wear collection will be available soon across the Middle East.

Watch this space, fashionsitas...