Aiisha Ramadan

Motorcity, Dubai
Friday , 14 June 2013

If there’s anyone who knows about style, it’s the UAE’s top fashion designer, Aiisha Ramadan. Her classic and sophisticated style runs seamlessly from the catwalk and into her home.
“There’s nothing out of the ordinary about my home,” she says. “I mixed and matched contemporary with classic pieces in order to achieve a balance between my passion for vintage French and my husband’s love for contemporary, clean pieces.”
Her own personal favourite items are her wooden vintage cabinets that sit in what Aiisha describes as her “inspirational room”. “This is the room where I plan my collections – it’s where the magic happens. It’s cosy, personal and so comfortable.”
Looking around this designer’s apartment you’ll not only see stunning portraits of her latest collection adorning the walls, and awards gracing the shelves, but also quirky items, such as her beloved colourful miniature elephants.