Aiisha Ramadan

The red carpet fashion designer
Aiisha Ramadan
Aiisha Ramadan

Expanding her label and having celebrities don her designs on red carpets has cemented this local designer’s position on the global fashion map.

Tell us about your biggest achievements in 2012.
Launching the White by Aiisha for Frost bridal line and having my designs on the Golden Globes’ and Oscars’ red carpets. At the latest Oscar Academy Awards, I was thrilled to see Raya Abirached, the Lebanese TV presenter, looking absolutely stunning in one of my green silk gowns.

What are your goals for 2013?
Successfully launching my new ready-to-wear line, I by Aiisha.

What influences you?
Women and love. What I love about being human is that every day we change and discover more about ourselves and what we love the most. I have never valued love more than I do now and I can never be creative when out of love.

What is the main challenge of working in the fashion industry in the Middle East?
The lack of a fashion council that sets the standards for fashion designers, hence, elevating them.

What are the hardest aspects of your job?
Pleasing a celebrity is always a challenge but is very fruitful and satisfying once it works out.

You’re originally from Lebanon, but have lived in Dubai for more than 28 years. Why?
It’s home. My heart and soul are rooted here. I believe that when you love something so deeply, it loves you back. Even if it’s a country.