Ahlan!'s officially a work of art!

Ahlan!'s officially a work of art!

26 May 2015

We've made an appearance in Dubai artist Clare Napper's latest Highlife Dubai poster!

Her cult posters have taken the UAE by storm – and now Dubai artist Clare Napper’s added Ahlan! to the long list of national institutions caricatured in her work.

Highlife Dubai is a collection of artworks inspired by vintage travel and tourism ads.

All rendered in Clare’s instantly recognisable retro style, they tell the story of the ‘good life’ Western expats enjoy in the Gulf, from beaches and brunches to bling.

Her latest creation is all about spas – and as you can see from this pic, Ahlan! takes centre stage!

The British former advertising exec, who’s lived here for eight years, says: “Dubai offers a lifestyle that must be one of the best in the world, and as a designer I was keen to find a creative outlet for my time lording it up here!

“I wanted to take some ‘real’ souvenirs with a deeper insight into life out here that expats can take away as fond memories – after all, many of us won’t be here forever. Just having a bit of a laugh, really!”

INFO: www.highlife-dubai.com