Ahlan! Top 5: This Week's Biggest Stories Discussed

From Sam Smith's F1 snub to the on-going royal "feud" - we have a LOT to talk about
ByFarah AndrewsThursday , 29 November 2018
Ahlan! Top 5: This Week's Biggest Stories Discussed

Every week Team Ahlan! discuss the week's biggest showbiz stories. And when we say discuss, we mean spill the T, throw the shade and amuse you with our often controversial opinions.

This week we are coming to you from a top secret island location, to chat Sam Smith's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix sub and Mel B's major book revelations. Plus, we weigh in on the royal feud, Amanda Bynes' comeback and Andre has some opinions about Rita Ora.

Check it out here... 


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