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Ahlan! Top 5: This Week We Talk Nicki Minaj, Madonna and Chris Hemsworth

28 Oct 2018

Team Ahlan! chat Chris Hemsworth's good deed, Madonna's big asks and find out exactly why Nicki Minaj is getting sued

It's us again! 

Every week Team Ahlan! discuss the week's biggest showbiz stories. And when we say discuss, we mean spill the T, throw the shade and amuse you with our often controversial opinions.

As always, we have a lot to say! We chat working for Madonna and Britney being a bit of a let down, find out why Tracy Chapman suing Nicki Minaj and hear all about Chris Hemsworth's good deed. Plus, we ponder whether Kristen Bell is right to worry about her kids watching Disney films. It's another scandalous week of showbiz gossip with the Ahlan! Top 5.

Ready for it? We thought so...