Paris chats to Ahlan! features editor Aoife Stuart.

Ahlan! Meets Paris

21 Jun 2009

We met up with Paris for an exclusive chat as she launched her search for her Dubai BFF!

Think Paris Hilton, think wild party girl. When we meet the heiress, it's in the wake of the publication of saucy pics of her canoodling with footie star Cristiano Ronaldo - with Paris claiming the pair are "getting to know each other" - and in the aftermath of even raunchier shots of her dancing provocatively with her recent ex Doug Reinhardt at a party in Cannes. But when we hook-up with Paris for an exclusive chat, she's not dancing on some table top at a Dubai club as rumoured, instead, she's sitting quietly in her hotel room, dressed demurely in an embellished flowing green abaya, with not an glimpse of flesh on show.