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Ahlan! meets Jason Derulo

20 Sep 2015

The award winning singer spoke to us exclusively ahead of his Dubai Music Week concert

What is it that drives you to make music?
Music is my lifestyle. I’ve never known anything different. I’ve been making music since I was eight years old. I’ve always made music so I don’t know what life would be like if I didn’t do music. It’s always consumed my life. 

You’ve written songs for lots of people like Puff Daddy and Sean Kingston. Is there one that you wish you’d kept for yourself?
No, every time I’ve had that journey, I’ve been blessed with a lot of great songs so every song I did belonged to where they ended up.

Who is the artist you enjoy collaborating with the most?
It’s hard to say. I’ve worked for a lot of great people. It’d be unfair to name one person, but working with Stevie Wonder was a dream of mine as he was one of my greatest influences so to be able to do a song with him is amazing. Also Jennifer Lopez, she’s an icon and one of the most influential women of all time so that was pretty incredible as well.

Ahlan! meets Jason Derulo

You’re in crazy good shape. What’s your secret?
Working out! There’s no secret, I work out two times a day. I’m really going for it at the moment and I diet. Diet is 70 per cent of it, I try not to eat very many carbs, but I slip sometimes. My diet is meat and vegetable based.

Who do you see as your biggest rival in music?
I don’t see any rivals. For me, I’m competing with myself. I’m not looking at anybody else like that.

Ahlan! meets Jason Derulo

Who is your biggest influence?
My biggest influence is Michael Jackosn. He’s the reason I started dancing in the first place.

Have you seen anyone on So You Think You Can Dance who you think could rival you with their moves?
Yeah, all the time, in different ways. The top guys on So You Think You Can Dance are some of the best dancers in the world.

Beyoncé and One Direction both have albums named 4. Why does it keep coming up in album titles?
The number four signifies a lot of things. Four is the number of completion, it’s the number that is so reoccurring in my life. It’s a number that follows us around everywhere. Four legs on a chair, on a table for a strong foundation. For me, it’s very relevant in my life. My foundation is what propelled me to where I am. So it’s very significant in a lot of ways.

Ahlan! meets Jason Derulo

How come Meghan Trainor sang your name on the Painkiller track you recorded with her?
Because I retired it so I never do it anymore. She insisted she do it though so I thought why not?

You have a song called X2CU, is that about Jordin Sparks?
You’re the first person to ever ask me that. I guess everyone else is sacred to ask. I don’t know! Maybe. That’s a good question though.

What songs or artists are you listening to a lot at the moment?
Drake, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift. I’m still on the Kanye album and the Fun. album.

You did a duet with Keith Urban. Is it true he suggested getting Nicole Kidman in on the track?
No, I’ve never heard that story. Did you actually hear that?

Are you interested in recording other genres of music as well?
Yeah, I feel like I’m coming close sometimes, but right now I’m in the process of doing more urban mixtapes that I’m going to put out for free.

You’ve been to the UAE before. What is it you like most about coming here?
I’ve been there tons of times. It’s pretty crazy and its architecture is unlike any other in the world so I get a kick looking at the designs. I love to design so my creative side likes to steal ideas, but mostly I like to party there.

Does it get annoying when people are always asking you about your personal life?
No, I understand. It’s the name of the game. It’s understandable, they’re just doing their job.

On that note, who would you be looking to date next?

Ahlan! meets Jason Derulo

Good answer! If you had to pick one of the Kardashian sisters to date, who would it be?
It’s a tie between Kendall and Kylie.

Really? I think you wanted to say Kim, but you’re scared of Kanye West. 
No, I promise I’m telling the truth. Those two are more my age than the others. Kris and the others are cool, but I think Kylie and Kendall are more my kind of people.