Ahlan! Meets Gwyneth Paltrow in Dubai!

We caught up with Oscar-Winner and yummy mummy Gwyneth Paltrow on her first visit to Dubai!
ByLynsey CarrattThursday , 06 December 2012
Ahlan! Meets Gwyneth Paltrow in Dubai!
Gwyneth Paltrow speaks at the Boss Nuit Pour Femme after party

Gwyneth Paltrow landed in Dubai, her first visit to the emirate, on her ninth wedding anniversary to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and we were there to meet her!

Gorgeous Gwyneth was in town on official business as  brand ambassador for the Boss Nuit Pour Femme perfume and the Oscar-Winning star spent 30-minutes meeting fans, who had queued for over an hour to meet their idol not to mention paid Dhs375 for a Gwynnie signed fragrance.

The kind-hearted actress told the crowd, "I love Dubai", before stepping down to shake hands and sign autographs for a crowd of fans that had amassed during the signing. Ahhh how sweet!

Gwynnie then nipped back to her hotel for a quick change before the after party at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Lounge which we were lucky enough to be on the guest list for. Too exciting! Guests where even treated to cocktails and canapés, all made from Gwyneth’s very own Goop Menu.

Party guests where then given the opportunity to be presented with a gift from Gwynnie and pose for a photograph, we of course grabbed this opportunity with both hands by putting multiple business cards into the draw, but to no avail. But lady luck appeared to be on our side, when leaving the party we only managed to share a lift ride with the star, and she of course was more than happy to oblige when presented with a copy of Ahlan! going so far as to scrawl a love heart on our front cover. Gwynnie we certainly heart you!

During the party we cornered the actress for a quick chat and here's what she had to say:

This is your first time to Dubai, what do you think of it?

It’s amazing, I was lucky enough to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa and it was amazing, truly amazing.

Dubai is full of expats and you yourself are an expat living in London. How do you find that?

Well I have my family there, my husband and my two children are there, so anywhere is home as long as I am with them.

You’re the ultimate multifaceted woman balancing many careers; any tips for us women out here trying to achieve the same?

The best tip I have is to do everything one step at a time, so whatever is in front of me I try and do with 110%. When I try and do multiple things at the same time, that is when I start doing things badly.

What is your ultimate outfit to wear?

A little black dress or a jumpsuit, it’s effortless, it’s your own outfit. You put it on and you’re ready to go.

What is your dream night out wearing your ultimate outfit?

Hmm, I ‘m not sure, maybe somewhere I haven't  been before and somewhere warm wearing a little black dress where I can dance. Perfect for Dubai.

You have a beautiful daughter, Apple, what key parts of life advice would you impart on her?

The most important thing to me is that she is true to herself and that she is not afraid to speak her truth.

When are you at your most beautiful? And what makes you beautiful?

What makes me feel most beautiful is when I am seen, understood and loved; I think love makes you feel beautiful.

Whose advice do you swear by?

I’m very lucky, I have amazing people around me, who give me advice and I am able to bounce of them, I’m lucky I Have really high quality women in my life.

Aside from your career, what are your career goals in 2013?

For 2013, I hope to work less.

With work slowing down and her desire to have another baby, could we be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet in the coming year? We do hope so!