Ahlan! Man: Trying an Inferno Burger, Plus Macho Music and Top Watches

Ahlan! Man: Trying an Inferno Burger, Plus Macho Music and Top Watches

19 Sep 2013

I challenged my pal David to tackle the hottest burger in town! Here’s what he thought of the mouthwatering experience...

Claiming to have the hottest burger in the Middle East, The Inferno has gone on sale at Qube bar down at the Meydan Hotel. The slogan for the challenge, ‘Are you man enough to tame the flame’, was enough to entice me and my masculinity to pick up the gauntlet. However, as soon as I sat down at the table I was instantly worried by the disclaimer I had to sign just in case my body exploded from the heat. I was also given a pair of gloves to eat the burger with for hand protection because it gets that spicy!
The blazing burger, which contains the second hottest chilli in the world, is so hot that even the chef has to wear protective clothing while preparing it. Every part of the burger from the bun, sauce, cheese and beef patty has some form of chilli involved in it. If I was to succeed I had to finish the burger in 30 minutes, with no water to douse the flames!
When the burger was delivered it looked and smelled good… then my first bite followed and it was like swallowing lava from a volcano. After two bites I was sweating. This was a crazy sensation with unforgiving heat raging in my mouth with my palate screaming out in pain. Three bites in and I couldn’t take any more of the heat as I could feel my face burning up!
The waiter brought yogurt, milk and ice cream, which he said works best to dampen down the fire. “Do any guys really finish the whole thing?” I asked, still panting. “Very few. We’ve had people roll around on the floor, with some people running straight to the bathroom to vomit,” he replied.
After conceding defeat, failing to get either my free T-shirt or my name on the wall of fame, I had to admit that the Inferno Burger is positively and absolutely the hottest thing I have ever eaten. At Dhs60, it’s free if consumed within 30 minutes without any accompanying drink. To date only 20 guys and one girl have managed to do it. But I can safely say this challenge is so hot that I’m not sure the human body is evolved enough to handle it. 

INFO: Dhs60, 4pm-1am Mon-Fri, 4pm-3am Sat-Sun, Qube at Meydan golf, 04 381 3780, www.qubesportsbar.com

Macho Music
With Will.i.am heading over for Dubai Music Week, here’s three of his songs every real man should listen to…
1. T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) – If there is a song that personifies being a tough guy better than this, I’ve yet to hear it! In the music video, Will.i.am literally runs through brick walls. Even by my incredibly masculine standards that’s pretty hard!
2.  OMG – The Usher single is one of the biggest club tracks ever. It also saves time by abbreviating OMG, because no real man has precious seconds to waste!
3.  Boom Boom Pow – When I daydream about roundhouse kicking Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in a fight to the death, this is my theme music! 

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