Ahlan! Loves: Peaches’ Reality Show!

25 Mar 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

You’re probably thinking

Why? You’re probably thinking, ‘How can Ahlan! love the idea of a reality TV show about that hideous celebuspawn!?’ But hear us out, okay? BBC America are making a Hills-esque reality show about everyone’s least fave fruit-monikered waste of space, with a source saying, “The show would follow life at NY-LON magazine and feature Peaches and all of the mag’s larger-than-life characters.”

Oookay, now, imagine you’ve had a hideous day at work; you get home, turn on the TV and there’s Peaches’ smug face filling the I-need-to-vent-my-rage-against-something void in your life that’s just recently been vacated by Spencer Pratt. Yeah? You feeling it?

Bring on the dramz!