Ahlan! Loves: LiLo’s Lip Denials!

She has her ridiculous all natural evidence posted on Twitter
Wednesday , 17 February 2010
Ahlan! Loves: LiLo’s Lip Denials!
© Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Why? In a cold, dark, evil world filled with Jeremy Piven’s party hands, AnnaLynne McCord’s 80s soft rock video hair, and Brangelina split rumours, there’s always one thing guaranteed to brighten Ahlan!’s day. Yes, it’s more Lindsanity from the absolute queen of ‘What the…?!’

This time, Lindsay has addressed a rather important subject that has got the entire world talking – whether or not she’s had her lips plumped up with a little help from Dr Collagen. Erm, does Conrad Murray have shares in Propofol? Does Ashley Greene take her top off so much she’s considering only wearing T-shirts that dissolve upon contact with the air for easier access?

Like durrr. Of course Lindsay’s freakin’ well had her lips plumped up to cushion-esque proportions!
“See! my lips are just as they’ve always been. lol-it’s nuts that i feel the need to give proof! what is this world coming to!!” wrote Linds on her Twitter – with zero respect for capital letters – accompanied by a pic that showed exactly how fake and poufy her lips are. Seriously, comic genius.

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