Jamie Cullum

Ahlan! Loves: Jamie’s credit crunch christmas

17 Dec 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Things are getting so bad in the economy

Why? Things are getting so bad in the economy that, not only has P Diddy pulled in his diamond and scalps of endangered iguanas belt, but other stars are also considering Scrooging-up their Christmasses too!

And we give props to jazz maestro Jamie Cullum, who, when he’s not climbing ladders to kiss his supermodel girlfriend Sophie Dahl, is busy actually making his gifts this year.

“It’s not an easy time for the world and that’s going to have a big effect on Christmas this year,” he said. Adding, “I like making stuff.” But before Jamie’s relatives resign themselves to getting a pressie made out of an empty toilet roll holder and a blob of Blu Tack, fear not! “[I make] nice stuff, though!” he insists. “I don’t just decorate a shell and give it to someone.” Aww!