Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Ahlan! Loves: How Fast Jessica Falls

27 Oct 2010

Forever the gushing romantic

Why? Possibly when you’re blessed with in-built twin airbags, falling in love (hard), isn’t the pain it is for those who are more flat of tyre… and other motor vehicle euphemisms for boobs. So, it comes as no surprise that Jessica Simpsonlast week revealed she’s “in love” with her new man, Eric Johnson.

Having passed on a position at the prestigious Wharton Business School to stay closer to Jessica (trans: closer to her *cough* money *splutter*), the now unemployed former footballer has put the likes of Oksana to shame, meaning, if he has any brains – and a former Yale student should – he’ll be popping the question in 3.. 2... 1...

“We’re best friends. I love him,” gushed Jess. “He’s supportive. And if now could last forever, I’d take it.”

Best friends? Really? After just a few months? Supportive? Is he? Of you going out and earning the cash and him sitting on your sofa? Want it to last forever? Do you? Slightly less subtle than hiring a skywriter to spell out ‘Please ask me to marry you!’ Just lovely.

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