Ahlan! Loves: How down to earth James McAvoy is

Granted, he's no Jenny From The Block, but we love him anyway
Wednesday , 02 July 2008
Ahlan! Loves: How down to earth James McAvoy is

Why? Now, we're not being crazy enough to suggest that James is anywhere near as down to earth as say, Jenny from the block - because no matter where that girl goes, she knows where she came from - but James McAvoy is defo up there in the down to earth stars stakes.

"I don't think Brad Pitt felt threatened for one moment," said super-modest, pocket heartthrob James, about his onscreen snog with Angelina in their new film, Wanted.

Add this to the fact that Jimmy's car of choice is a 10-year-old Nissan Micra and he's willing to admit that the protein shakes he drank to bulk up for the Wanted role gave him "violent flatulence," and we're left marvelling at the rocks that he ain't got... and probably never will have.