Ahlan! Loves: Eva Green’s confidence

29 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Much is made by starlets about being “empowered as a woman”

Why? Much is made by starlets about being “empowered as a woman”. For example, if Ms Aguilera mentions just one more time how “empowered” she feels about her sexuality, then we’re putting her red lippy in the microwave. Or as Beyonce might croon it, “I’m soooOOooo empoOOOweeEEErEEd as a WOMAAAAAAAAN…”

But one actress whose chat about being gorge doesn’t get up our noses like Gauloise smoke, is Eva Green, who insists that her actor boyfriend’s love scene with Charlize Theron “didn’t worry me because I’m better looking than she is.”

Pow! There it is, I’m hot, deal with it! So tres French and faaaar better than thinking bottomless chaps make one a sex kitten.