Ahlan! Loves: Angry/Happy RiRi

Girlfriend’s got plenty on her own plate right now...
Wednesday , 09 December 2009
Ahlan! Loves: Angry/Happy RiRi
© Rihanna

Why? Girlfriend’s got plenty on her own plate right now, what with promoting her new album... oh and dealing with her jack*** of an ex and his repulsive mates (not even gonna bother mentioning his name here). But still, Rihanna took time out from her own probs to get all indignant on behalf of her fellow star, Leona Lewis – who recently got smacked in the face by a deranged fan at a London book signing!

“I got mad like it was me [who got punched],” spilled a distressed Rihanna. “I couldn’t believe it happened to her, of all people. She’s so sweet. She is just a beautiful, beautiful spirit. You don’t want any bad things to happen to her.”

And the Umbrella star also sent out some lurve to Susan Boyle, insisting, “She doesn’t look like a star, yet she has the most angelic voice. I couldn’t be more excited for her– she so deserves it.”