Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey wears Carat on Gossip Girl

Ahlan! Live meets Gossip Girl jeweler

08 Nov 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Carat is a girl’s best friend

When it comes to bling there’s one man who knows what the business is all about. “Fantasy is the new reality,” says Carat CEO Scott Thompson.

The leading jewellery designer who creates his beautiful show-worthy pieces is an expert on all things fantasy opting for giant man-made stones instead of uber expensive diamonds. “Anybody who does fine jewellery knows there is a big difference between fake and faux,” continued Scott. Carat produces premium synthetic and simulant stones which look just as real as the real-deal but without the hefty price tag or the cheap aesthetics of look-a-likes. “Nobody else does this level of detail,” he says of his Carat collection.

Carat was first cast into the spotlight when the first season of Gossip Girl aired on television. He provided the jewellery for both Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) and Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford) which television audiences noted and wanted a piece of. “I had a friend in New York who said there was a new TV show,” said Scott. “So I said sure. It sounded like the 90210 Beverley Hills version. But with a blue blooded New York look.” When it comes to American celebrities Scott says “look at the Oscars red carpet. They are adventurous. Movie stars in general are the most glamourous.”

Today the Carat girl isn’t far removed from those on the set of Gossip Girl. “She’s wearing a H&M tee and a Chanel jacket. Naturally she’ll have diamonds in the safe. She’s confident. A party girl who likes to show off.”

Carat is available in Dubai at the Carat Emporium, Mirdiff City Centre and Mall of the Emirates. The price ranges from Dhs200 to Dhs10,000. They also have stores in New York, London, Hong Kong and within Harvey Nichols globally.

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