Sean Paul Reveals Why He Prefers Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus

Dancehall rapper to perform at Cavalli Club
ByAriel Robinson Wednesday , 07 January 2015
Sean Paul to perform at Cavalli Club
Sean Paul to perform at Cavalli Club
Ahlan! editorial assistant Ariel with Sean Paul and Dep Ed JJ
Ahlan! editorial assistant Ariel with Sean Paul and Dep Ed JJ

Jamaican star Sean Paul flew into Dubai to perform at Cavalli Club and the Grammy award winner put on quite a show. Ahlan! got the chance to interview the reggae star and we found out what his 2015 New Years resolutions are, what he loves about Dubai and why he grew a mohawk!

Who is your favourite artist or song at the moment?
I’m an artist who appreciates life and appreciates artwork. I don’t have a favourite artist, song, colour, or movie. I like artwork. I like what inspires me so I appreciate of all of that.

What are your New Years resolutions for this year?
As usual I tell everybody this on Instagram and Twitter but ‘good times for life’ and it’s also to ‘go harder’. I have a lot work that has been piling up and I’m ready to release it now.

Why did you decide to cut off your cornrows and grow your mohawk?
I just did, it was annoying. I was tired of the look. Every time I’ve done a look, it’s for my own comfort. If people look at me and go ‘cool!’ or if they look at me and go ‘what the hell’, I really don’t mind.  I look at me in the mirror and go ‘wow I like that’ and that’s me. I’ve been kind of feeling that I don’t want a mohawk anymore, I might shave it off but we’ll see.

What do you like most about Dubai?
This place is very diverse. There are a lot of different cultures and people so for that reason I really like it. A lot of beautiful ladies here because of that reason also but also what inspires me about Dubai is that it’s a desert and most people don’t last long in a desert. It’s such an amazing city, it’s like an oasis, and it’s growing. A lot of people came over here from Jamaica to work as pilots and as different professions too so Dubai provides a lot of opportunities.

What do you think of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus using their bodies to sell music?
There are ads on tv that are very flirty so it’s not just music. Younger generations of people are getting in to music are on Instagram and social media and Twitter, you’re able to celebrate yourself as you are right now. Why wouldn’t you want to show people who you are now? In the future Rihanna isn’t going to look like that no matter how much plastic surgery she gets. While you’re living, live.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?
This career. In general, not only in celebrities life, just go on Youtube and see what’s crazy out there in the world. I like to take the focus off me a lot so I don’t say ‘look at this crazy thing that happened to me’ because there’s crazier stuff that has happened to other people. My message to people is feel special about yourself and also let us know about the craziest stuff that has happened to you too!

Do you prefer a fuller figure or a skinnier figure like Miley Cyrus?
I like a butt, but there could be a skinny lady with a butt and I’m not talking about implants so I can’t say. I like variance and variances in life. Shoutout to all the ladies who feel beautiful.

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