Mike Sorrentino

Ahlan! Hates: The Situation’s Financial Situation

01 Sep 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

He's gone from moron to millionaire

Why? Once upon a time there was a talentless nobody called Mike Sorrentino, who dubbed himself ‘The Situation’, joined an MTV reality show called Jersey Shore and said things like, “I ain’t wearing this shirt when we go out; this is the shirt before the shirt.” And, “The only thing we care about is getting girls and going to the gym.” And just as the world felt their collective IQ slide like jelly from their brain via their nostrils, ‘The Situation’ was revealed to be on target to rake in over Dhs18 million by the end of the year! With a Dhs216,000-an-episode salary, a Dhs180,000 personal appearance fee and a range of endorsements including Reebok and Vitamin Water, this himbo is the reason your children don’t want to be lawyers and doctors anymore, but rather, reality TV stars. The end. (Of civilisation. Probably).

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