Ahlan! Hates: Poor Mossy

Self-publicist Kate Moss still desperately trying to cling on to her fame - retire already!
Wednesday , 09 July 2008
Ahlan! Hates: Poor Mossy
Poor Mossy

Why? Poor Mossy. The alarm on her fifteen minutes (read fifteen years) has well and truly sounded but she's valiantly ignoring the tolling bells and pulling out all the stops to resuscitate her dying career. Parading her trademark look of skinny jeans/no bra/baggy tee and teeny waistcoat at this year's Glastonbury, she looked like an embarrassing auntie trying to get down with the kids.

Frankly, we're bored. Dropped by Agent Provocateur in favour of an unknown, she staring the end of her career in the face and she knows it.

So what's a flailing super to do? Pimp out their daughter that's what. The once publicity-shy model showed a new low when she dressed her five-year-old daughter up in this self-publicising tee. This sort of behaviour would have made the old Mossy dry heave.
Give it up Kate. Retire already.