Kate Walsh

Ahlan! Hates: Kate’s Eau De Singleton

27 Oct 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

Now you can take your boyfriend with you wherever you go

Why? Cue a perfume ad. A red-eyed woman in stretch stirrup-pants, a cardigan and a cat emerges from her duvet, Ben Jerry’s in hand.

A voice over: “Has your man left you for someone thinner? Feeling down? Well, make sure you never get over him, with Sad Singleton, the new fragrance by Kate Walsh.”

Well, that’s our take on things – and Kate now owes us some serious advertising residuals – but she says, “Ever miss the scent of your boyfriend?” – having created the fragrance after a break-up left her missing her ex’s cologne.

“Well, I did. So I created Boyfriend, a fragrance inspired by him but made for us. Take your Boyfriend with you wherever you go.”

And keep an eye out for her second scent coming soon: Stalker!

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