Ahlan! Hates: Gisele’s Baby BS

The supermodel tells us about her as-easy-as-123 pregnancy
Ahlan! Hates: Gisele’s Baby BS

Why? She’s already a freakin’ super model, but apparently that’s not enough for Gisele Bundchen, as last week she needed to make mere mortals feel even worse about themselves with a few choice revelations about her recent pregnancy.

“I gained a little [weight], but I kept using almost the same clothes with minor adjustments to close in the belly,” insisted the genetically blessed Brazilian. Okay, hands up who wants to smash things up now? Oh, but there’s more. “I managed to have a very tranquil birth at home,” she added.
“It didn’t hurt in the slightest.” One, two, three... arrrrgggghhh!