Cheryl Cole

Ahlan! Hates: Being Patronised By Cheryl

22 Sep 2010

Pah! Call that a punch?

Why? We don’t dislike Cheryl Cole per se. Obviously she’s hugely talented what with her lovely hair. But is it just us or she being really patronising right now? After a contestant on X Factor punched another in the face, a shocked Cheryl turned to Simon Cowell to exclaim, “She punched her in the face!” And Ahlan! was left shouting at the screen, ‘But Cheryl, you punched a toilet attendant in the face! Why are you so shocked?!’ And now, Chezza’s followed up with, “I totally get it when people who sit in offices with nine-to-five jobs can’t be bothered. What would be their motivation?”

Payday! Payday is their motivation you witless, no-talent irritant. Just like it is for you, sitting there judging people for punching others when we’ve all seen the fruits of your fisty handiwork.

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