Actor Balthazar Getty and wife Rosetta Millingt

Ahlan! Hates: Balthazar’s “Challenging” Affair

29 Sep 2010

Balt's off scot free. Balthazar Getty, 1, Womankind: Nil

Why? Goodness, we used to fancy Balthazar Getty. When he was all innocent in Young Guns II, he was to Ahlan! what Bieber is to the ‘kidz’ today. But then he was papped snogging a topless Sienna Miller whilst still married and with four kids at home, and it dawned on us that he was more horribly compromised than a Lohan urine sample.

And now, to make matters worse, not only has his wife Rosetta taken him back (something to do with the fact she was raised in a commune by hippies), but Balt has been using the kind of terminology to describe his cheating, that politicians use when they’re about to screw you out of more cash.

“It was a very challenging time for everybody involved,” the actor told Harper’s Bazaar. Before going on to call his cheating an “obstacle”. Challenging?! Obstacle?! This isn’t It’s A Knockout! If it were us you were married to sweetie, it would have been challenging to remove the obstacle we’d have jammed up your rear end. But noooo, because “Rosetta is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let us try”, Balt’s off scot free. Balthazar Getty 1, Womankind: Nil.

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