Ahlan has turned orange to #SparkAwareness of the Amazon Rainforest fire

Thursday , 22 August 2019
Ahlan has turned orange to #SparkAwareness of the Amazon Rainforest fire

You may have noticed our logos have turned orange.

This is to raise awareness of a very important issue.

The Amazon Rainforest, aka the lungs of the planet is burning; it has been for three weeks, and it’s burning at unprecedented rates.

Wildlife has been killed, the trees so vital to providing the world oxygen are being killed – the Amazon provides 20% of the world’s oxygen alone.The fire is so severe, that the smoke has darkened cities in Brazil.

The media hasn’t covered it extensively, no one has pledged sizable donations – when the Notre Dame was on fire there was mass coverage, billionaires pledged to fund a rebuild.

For the Amazon, it’s gone largely undetected, and no one has come out to financially support the cause.

Which is why, we have turned our brands orange.  From Grazia Middle East, to AHLAN, to Cosmopolitan Middle East, Villa 88 and HELLO!, we’re turning orange to raise awareness of the issue.

We pledge to speak about this issue until it’s addressed properly, we pledge to dedicate our voices, our messages to this cause.

We pledge to keep our logos orange, to #SparkAwareness.

The Amazon Rainforest is on fire – and we care.