Ahlan! exclusive: WOW! That's What I Call Brunch star Whigfield tells us Peter Andre is "one of the sweetest people"

We chatted to the Saturday Night legend before her performance at Le Meridien Hotel & Conference Centre this weekend
ByEllen KerryWednesday , 25 October 2017
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Celebrity  news, Celebrity interviews, 2017 brunches
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You’re going to be playing WOW! That’s What I call Brunch on Friday, how excited are you?
100 percent excited! I really love the vibe in Dubai.

Are you excited to see Peter Andre? He tells us you’re an old pal and he can’t wait to catch up...
I absolutely love this guy. He's one of the sweetest people ever. I had the pleasure to share the stage with him during this summer on tour in Scandinavia, and he's never changed. Always in top shape.

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Amazing. Have you got any funny memories from back in the nineties?
My funniest memories from the 90's are not to be told, as I'd surely get quite a few phone calls to explain about "who, where and why". So i'll just keep it at "It was ALL GOOD".

Saturday Night was (and still is) a huge hit. Do you still enjoy singing it?
I love seeing people around the world getting together in absolute silliness when Saturday Night comes on. It's like being back in Kindergarden where nobody's got any worries at all. Just fun and cheesy music....

The video for Saturday Night launched a thousand quad plait hairdos. Are you expecting to see some on Friday?
Haha! I still see those during my shows here and there. If anyones up for it, I'm down with that.

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The dance was also huge. Can you still do it? Who came up with the routine?
A long story short. The word is that the dance was originally from some guy working at a gym in Valencia, Spain, who would do his routines in class to Saturday Night, and somehow, the dance just went viral around the globe.

That's incredible! Have you visited the UAE before? Are you excited about your trip?
I've already been there a few times and really love your shopping malls to the dislike of my credit card... But what I love the most is the contradiction between the crude desert and the fast moving modern world.

Is there anything you want to see/do while you’re here?
1) Food
2) My bed
3) An amazing and happy crowd
4) Shopping malls

INFO: See Whigfield perform alongside Peter Andre on Fri 27 Oct, 1.30pm-4.30pm, Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Garhoud, www.platinumlist.ae.

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