Ahlan! Exclusive Interview With Ivanka Trump

Ahlan! Exclusive Interview With Ivanka Trump

08 Jun 2014

We chat to the heiress on fashion, diets and beauty tips

Heiress to her father’s property fortune, Ivanka Trump has it all – a multimillion-dollar business, two adorable children, a hot man and her own fashion and beauty line, and now she’s bringing the glamour to Dubai with a new Trump lifestyle development on the outskirts of the city which promises a new way of living for stylish women. We caught up with the stunning former model while she was visiting her latest project with her father Donald, and the blonde beauty took time out from her busy schedule to share her fashion and beauty secrets with us. 

Why did you choose Dubai for your latest development? 
The city is so dynamic and there’s so much you can do with it. It inspires me and I love to come here, so I thought, why not build here so I have an excuse to come more often?

What can we expect from your new residential complex?
There’ll be a huge incredible spa so girls can get pampered without having to go anywhere. Many of the villas will have their own pools too, so ladies can spend plenty of time enjoying the stunning weather here. 

Will there be any shops? 
There’s going to be lots! High-end and high-street stores have both signed up already.

Where do you usually shop when you come to Dubai? 
I have a line of accessories and jewellery that sells in Harvey Nichols, so I spend most of my time in and around there at Mall of the Emirates. 

You’re a businesswoman with fashion acumen. How do you dress for work? 
I tend to wear dresses that I can glam up with heels and accessories. I think women are able to push boundaries and allow their sense of style to shine through in their workwear as there isn’t a strict uniform. I always opt for feminine styles and I love structured pieces. It’s very important to find something that fits you properly.

Is it hard being a woman in a very male-dominated environment?
No, I love it. It think it’s great to be a woman who stands out in an all-man environment, and when people underestimate me that’s even better because I know I’m good at what I do, and that’s nothing to do with whether I’m male or female. 

What are your essential wardrobe staples?
The Ivanka Trump pump from my own fashion line. It’s so comfortable. I think it’s important to wear flat shoes and dress down at the weekend. Of course, always having an elegant black shift dress in the wardrobe is my other essential, just in case!

Do you think you’ll bring your full fashion line over to the UAE any time soon? 
I’m actually opening a store here soon and the line will also be sold in Harvey Nichols alongside my accessories range. I’m finalising the details and will be announcing it officially soon. 

Who are your favourite designers? 
Oscar de la Renta is my fave old-school designer. He knows how to create something that’s so elegant on the female body. There are also lots of great young designers – I love Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung.

Which high-street stores to you shop at? 
I really don’t go shopping any more – I do everything online! 

Which celebrity’s style do you most admire?
Blake Lively. She is absolutely polished, but she has a funky edge to it. I love Diane Kruger too – she wears clothes so effortlessly. 

Who’s your fashion icon? 
Grace Kelly – classic Hollywood glamour. 

How do you find time to work and see your two children? 
I make sure being a mother always takes priority. I manage my schedule on a weekly basis so I see them as much as possible. My husband always says, “life is a marathon, not a sprint” and it’s important to keep things in perspective. 

Would you want your own children to work in the fashion industry or would you prefer that they go into the property game like you and your father? 
I want them to do whatever they want to do – it’s important they do something they love. My daughter comes to my office once a week and we have lunch together, and both my children are around my work a lot. I hope I inspire them.

What’s your ‘can’t live without’ beauty product? 
Tammy Fender moisturiser is my absolute essential. 

Are there any particular brands you stick to?My friend Jessica Alba has her own brand of baby products called The Honest Company. Although they’re designed for babies I actually use them on myself as they are great for sensitive skin and really good for you. She has done so well. 

How do you find the time to stay in shape?
These days I struggle to find the time! Chasing children around the house actually burns a lot more calories than you realise.

Don’t you have an exercise regime that you follow? 
Not a strict one. I try to find five minutes here and there to work out when I can. I have apps for every kind of exercise, and I try to do one of these when I wake up and one when I go to bed. Something had to give after having my children and exercise has been the ‘something’! 

You lost the weight after the birth of your daughter very quickly. How did you do it? 
I didn’t do anything specific, but I was much more conscious about making sure I didn’t lose my shape too much while I was pregnant and I did what I could to keep fit when I had the time. 

And what about your diet? 
Since being pregnant I started to eat for nutritional purposes rather than just when I wanted to. I changed my approach to food and that has stuck. I stay away from carbs when I can but there always have to be treats every now and then. As I’ve got older I’m aware my body shape has changed, and I can’t just eat what I want any more!

Do your children eat healthily? 
I’m trying! I make them conscious about healthy eating but, you know, if a two-year-old sees a cupcake, they’re going to want to eat it!